Hamza Boudlal resurrects the scorpion kick by Rene Higuita

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If you love soccer and remember Rene Higuita's Scorpian kick against England back in 1995. There is a new goalkeeper who has resurrected the kick in the live match. Here's a video.

Hamza Boudlal KACM vs OCK.flv

Way back in 1995, Colombia's mad goalkeeping genius Rene Higuita pulled off perhaps the most famous save ever with his scorpian kick against England (which he repeated in his farewell match earlier this year). Few goalkeepers would even dare to attempt such an utterly impractical and risky move in a match, but KACM Marrakech's Hamza Boudlal is apparently one of those few.

In the 82nd minute of a 1-1 match against Moroccan league leaders OCK Marrakech, Boudlal pulled off a one-legged version of the scorpion. Let me repeat that. He attempted a scorpion kick in the 82nd minute of a 1-1 match and it worked. Barely.
That's an impressive level of fearlessness (or stupidity), because if it didn't work, a lot of laughter and who knows what other horrors would have followed. But it did and somewhere, Higuita is smiling like the lovable lunatic he is. 


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Re: Hamza Boudlal resurrects the scorpion kick by Rene Higuita
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it was good but wasn't awesome as Rene did, which was awesome.