5 Cool Card Tricks Collection - How To's

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5 Cool Card Tricks Collection - How To's
« on: February 09, 2011, 01:46:00 AM »
Here are some collection of cool card tricks and how to do to amaze someone and make them feel like its magic. Have fun learning them and showing them to everyone else. These tricks are simple and easy so you'll be doing them in no time.

One of the best magic trick revealed. Where you ask someone to choose a card and you magically find which card they chose. The video will show you the steps but practice and do it perfectly and it'll be hard to catch for the viewers.
Best Card Trick In The World - Revealed

David Blane Card Swap Trick. if you have watched david blane you might have seen this trick. Now its your turn to do the trick and go do it out on the streets. LOL
David Blaine's Trick Revealed

A quick and amazing trick with fast hands and sneaky trick.
Quick As A Wink Card Trick Revealed

A Simple Rising Card Trick - You must have seen alot of this trick everywhere. Seems it isn't that hard at all.
Learn Magic Card Trick Basics : The Rising Card Magic Trick

This is a great card trick thats hard for anyone without the knowledge of it to figure out how its being done but if you know it then could be really easy to fool everyone else.
Easy Great Card Trick - (Tutorial)