Common Chat Abbreviations List

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Common Chat Abbreviations List
« on: January 22, 2012, 10:10:10 PM »
Here are some of the most common chat abbreviations used these days in chats, irc, facebook, twitter and other social networks. You gotta check this, or you'll not understand them when you see them.

aaa :  anytime anywhere anyplace
afaik :  as far as i know
asap :  as soon as possible
asl :  age, sex, location
atm :  at the moment
bbl :  be back later
bbs :  be back soon
bfn/b4n :  bye for now
brb :  be right back
brt :  be right there
btw :  by the way
b4n :  bye for now
cul8r :  see you later
cya :  see you
faq :  frequently asked questions
fc :  fingers crossed/force close(tech)
ftw : for the win
fwiw :  for what it's worth
fyi :  for your information
gal :  get a life
gg :  good game
gl: good luck
gmta :  great minds think alike
gr8 :  great!
g9 :  genius
ic :  i see
icq :  i seek you (also a chat program)
idk : i don't know
ilu :  i love you
imao: in my arrogant opinion
imho :  in my honest/humble opinion
imo :  in my opinion
iow :  in other words
irl :  in real life
kiss :  keep it simple stupid
ldr :  long distance relationship
lol :  laughing out loud
ltns :  long time no see
l8r :  later
mte :  my thoughts exactly
m8 :  mate
np: no problem
oic :  oh i see
rofl :  rolling on the floor laughing
roflol :  rolling on the floor laughing out loud
sk8 :  skate
stfu : shut the f**k up
thx :  thank you
ttyl :  talk to you later
wb :  welcome back
wtf :  what the f**k
wtg :  way to go
wth : what the hell
w8 :  wait

Will be adding more as i find them. If you have some. Feel free to add them up.


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