Lectures on Digital Photography by Marc Levoy (Stanford course CS 178)

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This is one of 18 videos representing lectures on digital photography, from a version of my Stanford course CS 178 that was recorded at Google in Spring 2016. Links to all 18 videos, my slides (in PDF form), and the course applets and assignments are on the Schedule page of the course web site:

For convenience, here is a playlist of all 18 lectures, in order:

I apologize for being unable to field the many good technical questions these lectures are generating, including many that I am receiving through other channels. Given my day job at Google, I simply cannot afford the time. I am sorry!

Regarding captioning and translation, I tried to enable auto-captioning for these lectures, but it turns out that YouTube will not auto-caption any video larger than a certain size after their internal transcoding, which some of these apparently are. This is unfortunate, because it is impractical for me to manually caption all of these lectures. As an alternative, I have enabled community-contributed subtitles and closed captioning for all my videos. People are welcome to help me by captioning these lectures - in English or whatever language they speak!

Note that the quality of the audio is poor this lecture (#1) due to a malfunctioning microphone; subsequent lectures have better audio.


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