Jucktion Forum Rules

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Jucktion Forum Rules
« on: Jul 09, 2010, 11:34 AM »
Please Follow the Forum Rules Listed Below.

No Spamming:-
No spamming with meaningless post will be allowed in the Forum.

No Flaming :- Flaming other members about Racism, sexism, and any other kinds of degrading discrimination should be avoided. You can discuss your thought about eachother in PM or outside the forum.

Respect the Staff:- You have to show some respect to the staffs of the RoseHost. But if someone is getting using their post for bad reasons. You can contact the administrator.

No Warez Linking Allowed:- Please do not post warez links or illegal material in the forums.

Multiple Account are Not Allowed:- Multiple account will lead to termination of all the accounts related.

Avatar:- Members shouldn't have offensive avatar and will be warned to change it. If unable to comply will lead to account termination.

Signature limit is set to 250 character and should not be over used.

This rules can change according to the need of the forum. So please be updated with the rules.