Workrave prevents you from working continuously on computers

Workrave is a software that helps you remind to rest in regular intervals helping you lower the stress on your body, brain and eyes.

Workrave is a computer software that helps you remind to rest in regular intervals. We all know the saying “Health is Wealth“. This helps you get some rest to your body and eyes so that you don’t strain too much . These alerts will remind you to rest a while, which in turn prevents you from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Workrave is an open source application and this project is hosted on Workrave Page. This application is available for Linux and Windows operating systems.

workrave preference

Workrave can be configured to alert you in custom time duration and the time duration you want to rest. There are three phases or rest you can control. Those are Micro break, Rest break and Daily limit.

Micro break are short duration breaks which are to be taken on regular intervals. Rest breaks are to be taken in hourly basis, and Daily Limit the max amount of hours you can work on computer. On rest breaks you’re show some basic exercises  with instructions that will help you exercise your hands, neck and eyes.

workrave exercises


However if you enable the “Show “Postpone” and “Skip” button“, you can skip these alerts. But it is not recommended on Rest break and Daily Limit.

So if you work too long on computers daily, then this is a must for you. Simple breaks don’t seem like much but regular breaks can really help you get you stress and strain less helping you be more efficient.

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