Anti RSI Workrave alternatives for Ubuntu Linux

While workrave works perfect on Windows, installing in on Ubuntu isn't easy so we've found some similar alternatives for Workrave on Ubuntu.

Workrave is a anti RSI (Repititive Strain Injury) application that reminds you to take regular breaks and exercise when you work continously on your computer. The reminders help you exercise and regain strength of your fingers and eyes or slow problems that might occur. These rests are very important if you are an excessive computer user reducing strain on your fingers and the eyes in the future.

While workrave works perfect on Windows, we’ve been having trouble installing on our Ubuntu desktop. It always ends up with an requirement failure. The problem troubleshooting has failed hence we searched for an alternative to this. We found two alternatives on Ubuntu store which are as follows:

  1. RSIBreak
  2. Xwrits

RSIBreak is an application in most ways similar to Workrave. It has similar settings and configurations you can configure to fit your needs. You can setup ‘Tiny Breaks’ and ‘Big Breaks’ according to your need. The only thing you’ll be missing is the total time on computer settings available on Workrave.

RSIBreak ubuntu settings
RSIBreak ubuntu settings

XWrits is an basic notification application that will remind you to rest at a interval to prevent strain on your fingers and eyes. This application is also able to lock down the keyboard so that you don’t continue typing when on a rest break.

XWrits ubuntu App
XWrits ubuntu App

Intall XWrits on Ubuntu

Both of these apps are completely free and we really can’t stress enough the importance of rest during continuous work on a computer. So if you fall into that category, we strongly suggest that you download any one of these apps for yourself or anyone who uses Ubuntu on desktop for long duration. Let us know how it goes in the comments

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