Vlingo : Android Virtual Assistant

Vlingo is a free voice powered android assistant which allows you to perform hand free actions on your android devices.

With the Apple iPhones 4S siri taking the world by storm and being one of the best feature of the newest installment of Apple iPhones. But Android isn’t so far behind. There are many android assistant in development and some can even be compared to the capabilities of Siri. And also most of the android assistant are free of cost, so you are free to try out the best fit for your device.

Vlingo is available at the Android App Market free of cost:


andorid assistant vlingo

We’ve tried many android assistant apps from the android market and found not all were up to being a good virtual assistant. Some had many bugs or just would’nt work well. But Vlingo seems to be the best android assistant we found and its completely free on the android market. Here are some of the cool features of Vlingo.

Vlingo is a android assistant app which is voice-powered and can help you with your daily tasks and operations. And it has got a easy to use interface, if you are a first time Vlingo user you can select the type of action you want to perform and it will provide you with some examples to help you figure how to use them. Vlingo also has a feature that you can use when you are driving for hands free actions on your android devices.

vlingo features

Vlingo currently offers following hands free voice actions:

  • Voice dial
  • Search the web
  • Find local restaurants, shops and other businesses
  • Get directions
  • Update your status on Facebook or Twitter and check in with foursquare
  • Get answers to just about any question
  • Buy movie tickets and book hotel rooms
  • Open other apps of action you want your android assistant to perform and you will see some examples to help you figure what you can say.

So enjoy Siri like functionality right on your android device for free.

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