Viber for Blackberry and Windows Phone 7

Viber, the free mobile VoIP app has just released their apps for Blackberry and Windows 7 phones. Now connect freely with more that 60 million users for free.

Viber, the free mobile VoIP app has just released their apps for Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.The Windows Phone 7 version is released as a beta for further testing. The apps will however only offer message service as a start and voice call will soon follow.

This means more mobile users can freely use the app and connect with a already huge user base (estimated 60 million). You don’t need to have a iPhone or and Android phone anymore to connect freely with your friends and family. Call or message your family and friends to let them download the app on their Blackberry or Windows 7 phone now.


Both Viber for BlackBerry Beta and Viber for Windows Phone 7 Beta initially offer Viber Messaging, allowing users to exchange text and high-quality photo messages and share locations with other Viber users. Viber seamlessly integrates with the devices’ interface, instantly identifying existing contacts who already have Viber installed so users do not need to go through a “friend request” process. The full release for both platforms, including Viber’s signature HD-quality free voice calling, will be released as soon as it meets Viber’s quality standards.

Each month, Viber users talk for more than 1 billion minutes and send more than 1 billion messages. Users choose to share their locations in approximately 10% of their messages. Viber users make more than 7 million calls every day and send more than 40 million messages daily worldwide, with the numbers steadily increasing.

You can download them right now from Windows Phone Marketplace

For Blackberry users, the app is available on Appworld:


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