Uninstall orphaned packages in Ubuntu

Clear up those orphaned packages from Ubuntu the system no longer needs to operate to free up some space. Just like clearing temporary files on Windows.

If you are using Ubuntu for the first time, it does get some time getting used to finding the packages that you need and the alternatives to the softwares on Windows versions. Ubuntu doesn’t necessarily clutter itself and uses backup to revert back to previous states and packages. But if the system is running fine, you can delete those orphaned files and packages to free up some disk space on your System.


One of the packages you can install for this purpose is GtkOrphan. This application scans and detects Gtk packages that are no longer required for the running of the System. You can download the application from the Terminal by using following command.

sudo apt-get install gtkorphan

package pending removal

After the installation is complete you can find the application on your dashboard. Run the application, you will be asked to enter your account password as this requires sudo permissions. Then you can select and remove the packages you think you do not need. You can alternately right click on a package and select all if you want to remove all the packages at once. You will be asked for confirmation to start the removal.

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