Typing Challenge for Programmers

If you’re a new programmer and have been messing up the code with your typing then there is now a a site called Typing.io where you can practice typing syntax as you’d do on a programming IDE. This will help you speed up your syntax writing habits, and let you know where you make the most mistakes. The challenge currently supports 14 programming languages.

Typing Practice for Programmers

These are the programming languages that you can practice at the moment and all the code are open source based so you’ll learn a bit of coding yourself. Once you select a programming language to practice, you will be provide with the code that you have to type. You’ll have to type them as is until the lesson ends. Then you’re provided with a report on how you did and where did you make mistakes in the code above.

Typing Practice Lesson Summary

Typing.io supports saving your progress by using your Google account to recognize you in the future. Also it is not mandatory to login to use the service. So if you’re a programmer or trying to program this could be a great help, typing in code with numbers and symbols is not simple as chatting. Try some of the lessons regularly from the site to improve your accuracy and programming speeds.

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