Speed up Internet Speed with TCP Optimizer

SpeedGuide TCP optimizer is an excellent program to optimize your internet to its max potential to speed up internet speeds.

SpeedGuide TCP optimizer is an excellent program to optimize your internet to its max potential. It is a windows application which checks your current internet settings and optimizes the settings to better utilize your internet bandwidth to speed up  internet to improve yourweb experience.

TCP optimizer optimizes setiings on your windows like max MTU, max connections per server, tcp window size and create and optimizes other registry values for better internet speeds. Here are some of the Advance Settings you can customize to speed up internet speeds:

  • Internet Explorer Optimization
  • Type/Quality of Service
  • Host Resolution Priority
  • DNS Error Caching
  • LAN Tweaks
  • Dynamic Port Allocation
  • Gaming Tweak – Disable Nagle’s algorithm

To optimize your internet settings like max mtu and other settings you’ll have to download TCP optimizer from the speedbit site. Once you’ve downloaded the application run the application and choose your Internet speed, and choose the optimal settings from the window.

speed up internet

The optimal settings change the current settings of your windows internet to speed up your internet and your web browsing speed. And if you want to configure the. settings on your own then you are free to do. but it is highly recommended that you use the optimal settings to be sure that you do not mess up the settings. The application also backups your current setting so you can revert back to your settings if it doesn’t work or speed up the internet.

Once you apply the settings you have to restart your computer for the changes to occur. So once you’ve done a restart you’ll see drastic changes that speed up internet speeds for your windows.

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