SMPlayer : Youtube Desktop app for Ubuntu and Windows

SMPlayer is an open source multi platform YouTube desktop app that allows you to view YouTube videos without a browser or a flash player.

SMPlayer is an open source multiple platform YouTube desktop app that allows you to view YouTube videos without the need of a browser or a flash player extension. This allows for your computer to use less resource and save precious battery while browsing through your favorite Youtube videos. And in Ubuntu with “Always on top” window feature you can multitask anything while still watching YouTube fixing a problem on your computer, learning to code or just browsing Facebook. And it is available on Linux and Windows, perfect!!.

SMPlayer is a free for all multi featured YouTube media player unlike Minitube that offers less features and often crashes (for me). Some of the noticeable difference are no un-closeable sidebar, skin-able player, more video quality choices, multiple video formats to choose from, ability to choose decoding threads for performance, and tons more. You can customize the options to suit your need and speed.  This just makes it a better YouTube app.

SMPlayer YouTube Desktop Player


The interface is simple and we think that anyone would be able to browse or search through YouTube easily. And if your internet is fast and have a good enough processing power then you wont even need to touch any other performances or quality settings. Just sit back and relax watching videos.

The above screen is a initial preview of the YouTube browser where you can view the latest and most viewed videos on Ubuntu. If you want to search for some videos then you can use the right bottom search box to search for the video you want.  When you’ve found a video that you want to watch, you just double click on the video and it opens up on a new window. And if you’re on Ubuntu you can set it to be on top of all windows allowing you to do other things while watching YouTube.


With all these features, my favorite feature of SMPlayer on Ubuntu is being able to play YouTube videos while i browse or code allowing my system to less much less CPU and memory it would have with a regular browser. You can do this on Windows too but would need a third party software that allows a window to stay on top.

It’s been some time i’ve been using SMPlayer without problems other than my slow internet. We’ll sure be adding more about this on coming posts. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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