Learn how to get someone’s Skype IP address online

Skype IP resolvers are online services that bypass the skypes protocols to detect the user's IP address when he's online. Learn how to use them which might come handy some day.

Skype is the most used VoIP software application all over the world. Although it has got some serious competition from other VoIP applications like Viber and Google Hangouts, it’s still synonymous to online voice and video chat and has some perks beside just chat. With the new real time voice translator, it’s sure to gather more users worldwide.


With being the most used VoIP service, this can be use by fraudster, imposters and all kinds of people. So it’s better to know that you can also resolve IP addresses of Skype users while they are online. This doesn’t require for you to use Skype or any application, just the account you’re trying to check should be online. But you can’t necessarily know if the account is online or not without going online yourself and checking the user’s status. The resolvers also don’t work when the account is on “Busy” or “Away” status.

I’ve checked a few Skype IP address resolvers and I think that this one is the most stable and accurate resolver. The site is Mostwantedhf. There are a few others but this matches the user with it’s profile image which means it’s not checking a wrong profile.

Other include:

But note that this isn’t going to work all the time. A single change in skype could wreck these IP resolving sites. Also it must be noted that IP may not always be the users IP. Some could be proxy servers used by Internet Service Providers to relay the internet. Some internet users have dynamic IP which can change through the internet IP pool. So use the information with caution.

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