Secure your search queries with Google Encrypted

Secure your google search queries with google encrpyted. Search free from fear of someone other than google recording your search queries.

While some might know that when you use internet the queries and text you send are sent in clear text. Which might be intercepted by third party and may use it against you. The best way to be safe from this privacy concern is to use sites with SSL or HTTPS. This encrypts the data sent between your computer and the server you are communicating with so that the mediators like ISP or Network Administrators won’t be able to decode it to real data.

Those security precautions are for sites, what about search queries. Search queries can tell alot about your browsing habits and lifestyle. And these are serious privacy matters that can cause a lot of trouble if it gets in the wrong hands. And until June 2010 Google didn’t have a service to secure search queries. Even other search giants Yahoo, Bing don’t use SSL to encrypt your search queries but DuckDuckGo does.

But Google now has a secure search service where your search queries can safely transfer between your computer and Google. Though the service is still in beta stage and is a bit slow to establish a secure connection.

google encrypted

Google Encrypted can be accessed through:-

The service is available on web searches only, images and maps search are still not using SSL encryption.

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