Samsung Galaxy S gets camera/gallery/keyboard from Android 4.2 with Elitemovil ROM

Elitemovil has release and update to his Samsung i9000 ROM with camera/gallery/keyboard ported from Android 4.2 just few days after its release and working like a charm.

Samsung Galaxy S has been abandoned by Samsung for some time from from getting any updates from the Gingerbread version of Android. But still developers like CyanogenMod and Elitemovil are in works for getting the best and latest for the Galaxy S (i9000). And it seems that Elitemovil has already been able to port the Android 4.2 Camera, Gallery and Keyboard with gesture typing into an updated ROM for Samsung Galaxy S. The ROM has default Android Halo theme unlike the Samsunginized ROM with TouchWiz like interface.

The Changelog for Elitemovil i9000 RC 14.1 v4:

  • New Nexus S lib’s
  • Optimized apk’s & zipaligned
  • Android Keyboard (Android 4.2)
  • Camera (Android 4.2)
  • Gallery (Android 4.2)
  • Most smooth with butter project
  • Semaphore Kernel 2.5.0
  • Expand desktop (in Power menu to remove status bar)

Here are some of the Screenshot of the updated Camera, Gallery and Keyboard on Samsung Galaxy S (i9000):

Android 4.2 Camera

Android 4.2 Gallery
Android 4.2 Keyboard with gesture typing

If you’re already on a Elitemovils previous ROM like Samsungnized 14.1 V3 or Stock 14.1 v3You can download the update from the OTA updater, But if you haven’t downloaded the ROM yet, follow the instruction on the installation on XDA thread (the original link is in Spanish). The recommended update route according to Elitemovil is from Stock JVU rom so please follow the instructions to avoid bricking and messing up your phone before you flash the ROM.

You can manually download the update file to flash from CWM from:[JZO54K]


Note: Always do some research before you flash a new ROM to your phone.


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