Reset VLC settings after you’ve messed it up

Reset VLC settings after you've messed it up with a simple run command. Every option is reset to default settings after this.

This is a simple method to clear out the VLC settings when you or some else has messed the settings and couldn’t recover it back to normal. This will make VLC Media Player reset all configurations and be clean as new, so you can start messing with it again.

Just run this command on your RUN window

“C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe” –reset-config


If you want to reset all the settings every time  you run your VLC Media Player then you can add it to the shortcut you have on your desktop. You can create a shortcut with your window right click options.

Add “–reset-config” without quotes to the end of the text field as shown below.


And you’re done.

For Linux:

Delete the ~/.config/vlc and ~/.cache/vlc folders or execute vlc –reset-config in a terminal.

Old versions of VLC had the data stored in ~/.vlc


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