RegCleaner – Free Windows Registry cleaner

RegCleaner is a free windows registry cleaner to clean up your registry from unnecessary entries and keys that windows doesn't require.

If you have been using your Windows and installed then uninstalled lots of program, your registry will be filled will junk that the simple uninstall will not be able to fix. Some softwares don’t completely clean up the registry to save your configuration for the software, others don’t clean their registry footprints at all causing the registry size to increase. This bloats the registry with unnecessary entries and keys.They don’t necessary cause the system to slow down or lag, but if unattended can cause problems with conflicts with new software installations.

There are free windows registry cleaner that help you clean your windows registry to free the registry from those unnecessary junk that software’s leave behind. They scan the registry to find the entries and keys that aren’t currently related to any software or application on Windows and mark them as the entries to be cleaned. But you need to take care of what they find and check the entries thoroughly so that they don’t mess up the Windows registry.

One of the best free registry cleaner is the RegCleaner byJouni Vuorio, which helps you clean your registry easily.  RegCleaner is a small windows registry cleaner which can help keep your registry clean. There are many paid alternatives out there but Regcleaner is just as good enough.  The development of the software has stopped, but windows hasn’t changed much either so this program still works well.

Click on the image below to download RegCleaner directly.

windows registry cleaner

The system is simple and you can perform a system scan for registry entries that could possibly removed to clean up the registry. Once the registry scan is completed, the list of entries are displayed on the RegCleaner window, ready to be cleaned.

But be sure to check the entries thoroughly so that important entries aren’t remove. Then select the entries that you want to remove and then you can clean those entries from your registry.

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