MultCloud : Multiple Cloud storage management made simple

MultCloud is a service that combines multiple cloud storage sites and accounts into a single panel where you manage, movie, upload/download and preview files with ease

Cloud storage and cloud computing has grown wide and popular with everyone on the internet. People now use multiple cloud file storage services for personal and professional work. Your company uses multiple cloud accounts for work, backups or colaborations. Handling all of your files on multiple different cloud storage services like dropbox, box, onedrive and others are tough. And moving files from one account to another isn’t a simple task and sometimes you run out of space on a single account and start using different account or a different cloud storage all together. I sometimes have to run through multiple cloud storage files just to find where i could have placed a file. And trust me it isn’t easy.


MultCloud is a service that is trying to fix that by combining multiple cloud accounts into a single panel where you can multiple cloud storage accounts and multiple accounts of the single cloud storage site. You can even directly upload a file into the cloud storage of your choice. And the best part is searching is made simpler by allowing you to search a keyword through all your cloud storage accounts, which i think is a smart feature we all are going to need.

And you can copy and move files to and from cloud storage sites and folders.


Besides the cloud storage account you can add to your account, you can also add your FTP directory directly which enables you to directly uploading or downloading through your FTP account for your sites or files. You don’t need to have any ftp applications or login to cpanel and navigate to your directory to upload and find your files no more. This i think comes really handy as well when you’re a webmaster.


Other cool features include previewing of files like txt, pdf, images and documents like docs, which i think is very convenient way of checking on your files.


I have been using this online application for couple of days and think this is really and convenient solution to the multiple cloud service users. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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