Java Runtime Environment 1.7.0_09 with Security Fixes

Oracle has released an update to Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that fixes some major security vulnerabilities found on previous release of JRE. Java Runtime Environment is a requirement to run all of Java programs either online or offline. You will need Java Development Kit(JDK) to create your own programs. Java allows applications to be downloaded over a network and run within a guarded sandbox. Security restrictions are easily imposed on the sandbox.


Both JRE and JDK are available on almost every operating systems available which allows Java programs to run efficiently over multiple platforms and operating systems.

The following table lists some of the notable bug fixes included in this release:

Bug ID Category Sub_Category Description
7175616 java classes_util_i18n Porting fix for TimeZone from JDK 8 back to JDK 7
7195931 jce pkcs11_csp UnsatisfiedLinkError on PKCS11.C_GetOperationState while using NSS from jre7u6 +
7187983 java classes_security XML Signature DOM implementation should not use instanceof to determine type of Node
7195301 java_deployment update [macosx] Unchecking the Check for Updates Automatically checkbox in the JCP prevents Manual Update

You can download the online or offline installer for Linux, Mac, Solaris or Windows at:

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