Import Your Facebook Contacts to Google

Facebook Friend Exporter is a Chrome Extension that will export your friends contact details with name, email, phone, birthdays already shared to csv.

Ever wanted to leave facebook but not loose all your friends in process. Now you can use a Facebook Friend Exporter Chrome Extension that will enable you to export your facebook contacts with name, email, phone, birthdays and information that your friend has shared on facebook. And the information extracted are saved in a CSV file which can be easily imported from Google Contacts Importer.

Chrome Facebook Friend Exporter

And as this extension is against the facebook Term Of Service it’ll attempt to bring a fix so the app wouldn’t work, while doing this the app will not work and you’ll have to wait for a update from the developer from this Github.

export friends from facebook

This application is simple to use as once installed, you will see a “Export Friends!” on the top navigation bar after you login to facebook. And just follow the steps and when the application completes gathering friends info, You’ll be able to export them to CSV file and use it on Google or any other site that support importing contacts from CSV file formats.

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