Onecosmic’s Ice Cream Sandwich port for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and Variants

Give your Samsung Galaxy S i9000 a new life with Onecosmic's Ice Cream Sandwich ROM with the latest Android 4.0.3 features. Trust me, You won't miss Samsung,

Samsung has publicly addressed that it won’t be updating the Samsung Galaxy S(i9000) and its variants to the latest Android flavour nick named Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung on their international blog pointed out that Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tad don’t have the RAM and ROM capacity to include Ice cream Sandwich and their custom modification TouchWiz. And recently Samsung Galaxy Ace is also to be kept out of the race for Ice Cream Sandwich. But that hasn’t stopped developers from porting the Google Android 4.0 onto Samsung Galaxy S and its variants like Captivate and Vibrant.

samsung galaxy s i9000 ICS Home
Onecosmic and their team has been working hard to get Android 4.0 confortably into Samsung Galaxy S. They have released various updates regularly to find and fix bugs. The developers have active thread on XDA-Developers forums and also on IRC Chat Channel. These are the places where you can talk to the developers, ask for help or report bugs to get them fixed. They also have a download and Wiki section at Google Code.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with ICS

Here are things that are currently working atm with Version Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung Galaxy S and Variants RC 2.11

  • Hardware Acceleration
  • RIL(Radio Interface Link = Calls / Texts / Data)
  • Audio
  • Touch
  • Wi-Fi
  • Both SD Cards (Internal & External)
  • Android Market access
  • Contacts sync
  • Calendar sync
  • Camera(Video Recording & Pictures)
  • Panorama mode
  • Face Unlock
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wired tethering
  • FM Radio(Download Spirit FM from Android Market)
  • Wireless tethering

And here are the thing that are not working or needs to be fixed in upcoming releases.

  • Slow USB transfer speed
  • When the screen is off the transfer speed is even slower, even coming to a hault
  • Screen flashes for a split second after locking screen
  • Market will not allow you to purchase applications
  • Some people are reporting that the proximity sensor does not work
  • Light sensor only has 2 states
  • Home button functionality occasionally stops working
  • 720p Video recording is laggy
  • External SD card sometimes becomes corrupt and shows the following
  • Lockscreen occasionally does not react to touch
  • formatting external sd formats internal
  • face glow editing feature in gallery causes force close
  • effects in video mode do not work ( causes app to close)

You can download the Onecosmic ICSSGS ROM for you Samsung Galaxy S i9000 or its variant from this link. Remember to backup your Apps, SMS and data before you do any flashing.

And instruction on how to flash these ROM can be found there.

For Flashing from Stock ROM(Samsung Android) and Other ROMs (CM7/MIUI):

For Flashing from previous releases :


We have used this ROM on some of the phones and these are just awesome. Even though some of the features are to be fixed, this can be used for daily usage without much trouble. And if you think that your Samsung Galaxy S i9000 stock ROM is running slow. We recommend you to try this ROM. You will surely be impressed with the new life to your Galaxy S with tons of new feature with Ice Cream Sandwich and also much faster and smoother Android experience without any Samsung or Carrier Apps.

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