How to change Yahoo Account Password?

Wondering how to change your yahoo password. This tutorial will help you get it done. We are going to try to change the password by using  Yahoo messenger and one without using Yahoo messenger and using just the browser. First lets try with the easy yahoo messenger method. Login to your yahoo messenger. Then on the messenger drop down, click My Account Info.

yahoo messenger password changeThen you will be opted to login to your yahoo account once again. Login with your regular password. Then you’ll be taken to your Yahoo Account Settings. You’ll see a Change Your Password under Sign in and Security tab.

yahoo account password change settings

Now you’ll be taken to the change password page where you can change your password. And that is it.

yahoo account password change windowWell this was using the Yahoo messenger to take you directly to Account Settings. If you like to do it in your browser. Then Login to your yahoo as usual then go to the Yahoo Home Page. You’ll see your yahoo username and there will be a drop down menu.  There you can select “Account Info” option.

yahoo password change home

and you’ll have to login once more and taken to the Yahoo Account Settings as in image no 2. Then you can continue to change your password.

Be sure to change your password to a strong one with upper and lower case letters with numbers and symbols.

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