Hands on with The Ubuntu Tablet on Nexus 10

Hands on video from Engadget with The Ubuntu Tablet Developer Preview on Nexus 10. If this quality is to continue, the Ubuntu Tablet is surely going to be awesome.

The Ubuntu Developer Preview OS for Nexus 10 is out and it looks awesome. On a video from Engadget on demonstrating the Ubuntu Tablet OS, it seems that its smooth and the features seem really useful and easy. The OS will support multiple user accounts and give developers access to create their own apps for the system.

Ubuntu Tablet UI

The UI looks really cool and easy to use with some cool features like App menu, HUD andThe only thing that the video shows which isn’t currently working is the Music player. More features might also be using as this is an early preview.

Lets watch the video and see whats coming:

Via: Engadget

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