Google Wallet – An App to Replace your Wallet

Google Wallet is an app with NFC technology to you buy online or offline, use your credit cards securely and save on goods with Google offers.

Google has once again come up with a revolutionary service using NFC technology that is soon to relieve you of your regular wallet. This soon to be released app will work on your mobile helping you search for products, offers and pay for them directly from your Google Wallet App without the need of a credit card. It’s just search, tap and pay with Google Wallet.

Google Wallet is set to be released this summer.


google wallet

According to Google Official Blog, the app will start off with support for Citi® MasterCard®, Google Prepaid Card or gift cards at participating merchants and will support more cards overtime.  Paying will be easy as taping on your phone. You will also be able to sync with Google Offers (beta) which provides offers and deals on local or online markets and save money.

Google Wallet will be much secure for buyers on the internet as it stores your credit card info encrypted on a chip separate from the Android memory chip which only few trusted app will be able to access. And the encryption technology from MasterCard Paypass will protect the info being transferred.  So even if your Mobile Phone with Google Wallet gets lost you can rest assure that your credit card info will not be compromised.

google wallet android phone

With these features and more to be added overtime this is going to bridge the gap between online and offline business helping both customers and merchants.

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