Free system resource while using Chrome with The Great Suspender

Optimize Google Chrome's system resource usage with The Great Suspender which suspends tabs when they are unused for preconfigured time.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browser but it has some issues with memory leaks. This makes the browser take up memory and fail to release them when they aren’t needed. The issue hasn’t been fixed but until then, use The Great Suspender to help keep the memory utilization down, it will put your tabs to sleep for you, while asleep they use hardly any ram at all.

This helps your computer relax your processor and free up RAM which increase the computers response time and also increase battery life of your Laptop.

Google Chrome Tab Suspender

Once the extension is installed, it’ll put unused tabs to sleep on a configurable time so that they don’t use up the system resource when you haven’t opened them in a while. And later when you want to visit those tabs, you can reload them. This saves valuable resource you can use for something else. You can also whitelist some sites so they aren’t put to sleep. This can be used for site that stream music or you need to work on. It’s compatible with Session Buddy so suspended tabs are restorable.

Google Chrome resource usage after extension use

This will save you a lot of trouble without having to get more RAM for your system and also better use system resource for something else.

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