Free File Sharing with 10 GB free space – Minus

Minus is a free file sharing site that provides free 10 GB of free space to upload your files and images with nice and easy interface.

Minus is a new free file sharing site that allows you to share your files freely online. And it provides you with free 10 GB space for uploading your files. And the file upload limit is also huge with 2 GB. Minus also offers unlimited data transfer so you, your family or friends can download your files without any problems. This is the first free file sharing site we’ve know that allows you to upload 2 GB files.

minus free file sharing

The user interface is real simple and you can start uploading your files simply by dragging your files into the browser. You are however going to need a browser with HTML5 support like Firefox and Chrome. Minus also offers a range of free applications for easy file sharing online. It offers desktop application  for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.

For Mobile application it offers apps for Android and iPhone for free and application from Windows mobile are in the makings. Minus also offers extensions for browsers like Chrome, Firefox which enables you to easily share your files and images online.

minus mobile apps android iphone

You get a great options while you upload your files like making the files private or public. You also get a shortlink for the file so that you can share the files easily on facebook, twitter or other sites. And you are able to customize the shortlink so that you can remember it easily.

minus upload options

With all the great feature however viewing their term or service show that they can access your files to review, filter or modify or remove it as they find them offensive or inappropriate. However it is highly unlikely that they will be modifying or deleting files without any reason. Just be sure not to upload copyright or inappropriate materials.

Go ahead and give it a try, 10 GB is alot of space and it will come in handy with a lot of people who wish to share their files and images with their friends and family. And tell us what you think about this free file sharing site.

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