Free 10 GB file storage at offers free 10 GB file storage feature on cloud with sync features on WIndows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Use your files on the go anywhere.

Have you been wanting a big storage space online where you can store your files and also sync it with all the devices you have. allows you 10 GB of free online file storage directly from the start. And it also has sync features so that you can sync them on multiple devices. And you also get free 300 MB more for every friend you refer to

free 10 gb file hosting

CX currently allows 10 GB of free file storage online with applications available on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Apps for Android and Blackberry are still in development. With the availability of apps, CX also allows you to seamlessly share your files, photos and documents with friends and family. You can create groups and sync files with others too with CX. You can either set the sharing option to public or private to share your files with the world or to your family and friends. Also CX has this great feature that you can comment on every file and share it for others to comment on. dashboard

Also don’t forget the “Refer a Friend” offer to get more space as you fill up your current quota. I do hope they will bring those apps to Android and Blackberry soon so that it makes it much more easier to share and upload files with.

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