Firefox Awesome bar search made simple

New feature in Firefox makes it easier to search through bookmarks, tags, and even open tabs and urls you've visited without having to go through every page and link.

Firefox has a lot of unique features that make it the browser of choice for millions of internet users. From casual web browsers, to tech geeks it offers so many features that it’s customizable to fit everyone’s need and look. Apart from the visual customizability, Firefox excels in adding features through multiple add ons and extensions. And it’s been working for web users privacy and security from day one, which I very much respect.

A new feature in Mozilla Firefox is the ability to search for the pages you’ve bookmarked, have tabs open or have visited. This allows you to find what you’re looking for much easily. I sometimes work  with over 20 tabs and searching it through the drop down menu is troublesome and slow. And I have to do that every time i want to switch, that decreases your productivity when you this is your daily chore.

firefox awesome bar search

But now with the search feature you can just use the “%” character and only search through tabs that are open. Once it finds the page you want to switch to, you just select the page and switch to it. This is a great time saver for me.

Currently these are the search chars available to search through the Mozilla Firefox bar:

  • % to search  in your currently open tabs
  • * to search in your bookmarks
  • ^ to search in your browsing history
  • + to search in pages you’ve tagged
  • ~ to search in pages you’ve typed
  • # to search in page titles
  • @ to search in web addresses (URLs).

If you have any other character that can be used for search or similar tricks on Firefox then we’d be happy to hear it. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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