Firefox Abduction Addon ‘Image too large’ Fix

The Latest Abduction 3.0.17 fixed with modification for 'image is too large' error. Works on latest version of Firefox and also Aurora. Fix from reviewers

Abduction is an Mozilla Firefox screenshot addon that allows you to save a screenshot of a page or a part of a page as a image to your hard drive. Without this addon you would need to have to take a screenshot and then use it on a photo editing tool like Photoshop or Gimp to crop out the parts that you need. Abduction add-on makes it so much easier to grab parts of website that you need to save or use.

The latest of the releases had a problem which made the addon not work as it used to and give and “Sorry, the image is too large” error on every use. But thankfully some of the reviewers were able to find a fix which would make this addon workable again. And it works perfect, though you have to remember it does take some time to save a big section of a website.

add to firefox

We’ve made the changes needed for the add-on to work and have uploaded it here so you can use it to take screenshots again. All the credits goes to the community and people who shared and helped in making this fix possible.


Just drag the downloaded xpi file to the Firefox browser and follow the regular addon installation process.

Let us know how it goes.

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