Deleting wlan/eth profiles you no longer use on Ubuntu

By doing this you'll clearn multiple device entries on your system you no longer use. So we're going to remove them and only use the devices you want.

Ubuntu or any Linux distro adds a network profile into one of the files so that the wireless is functional and identified at once when the device is connected to the system. But if you’ve tried multiple wireless or Ethernet devices and finally chose one to stick with. By doing this you’ll have multiple device entries to your system. So we’re going to remove those entries and only use the devices you want.

Edit device entries

You will not get a performance boost or anything, this is just to clear out the device entries you no longer use. On Ubuntu, you simply edit this file to remove those entries. Simply run this command on Terminal(Alt+Ctrl+T).
sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

A new GEdit windows will appear where you will find multiple entries on your devices. You can identify them by the number after wlan* or with their mac address. If you want to clear the entries you want simply erase the devices you don’t use anymore. And then rename the one you use to wlan0. Save the file and then restart Ubuntu. Thats it

The following is the clean version of the entries i use.

persistent net rules

Be careful which entries you remove, or you might need to reconnect the device for Ubuntu to identify it again. Or may be Ubuntu will identify the device on restart, i’ve not checked on it though.

Hope this helped you in some way to clear those entries.  As I always like to clear entries that i don’t use.

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