Create your own Android App with Google App inventor

Google App Inventor lets you create your own Android apps without any prior programming language skills. Its really easy to use and handy tool

Google App Inventor is a project from Google Labs which helps you create simple apps for Android powered mobiles without the need to know any programming language or a software. All you need is a browser and a idea on what you want to create. The interface on Google App inventor is like creating a puzzle that handles the application behavior which can later be tested on your Phone.

google app inventor

It’s still on the beta stage but you can still create apps which are reusable. There are some of ready-made buttons, image picker, animations, sensor, speech recognizer, text to speech, notifier, sound recorder and tons more which can use on your Applications. If you are new to all this you can start from learning tutorials from Google or online.

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And there are already some tutorials available on

So if you are really interested in creating your first Android App, you should really check out Google App inventor. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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