Cluzee not even close to being an Siri alternative

Cluzee the much anticipated android app to be compared to the ability of Siri fails to provide users with the service as advertised.

Yesterday many tech sites blogged about Cluzee, about it being the alternative to Siri (Virtual Assistant on iPhone).  We took a look into in and after reviewing it, it wasn’t even close to being a good android assistant. So instead after reviewing other applications on the Android market, we went for Vlingo which is a much better application and performs well as a voice powered application and posted about it on out blog yesterday.

cluzee logo

All the blogs that seem to have posted about Cluzee seemed like a PR stunt to get the application a boost or something. Even the review on the market from the users were very bad, still blogs were being posted about how good it was. The problem with Cluzee was it was not that perfectly made and needed lots of bugs fixed for it to perform well as an android assistant.

Cluzee came with a lot of options for the users, but they were causing alot of issues. Some features weren’t working well or they were working very different on different phones. And much of the reviews were about how they didn’t work and the problems that they encountered while using the applicaion on their android devices. Here is the current review of the android market users on Cluzee application.

cluzee market reviewsClearly much of the cluzee user’s didn’t like the app at all. But still as said before if the development continues and bugs are ironed out, the software will surely be of great application to all the android users and also have great impact on android market against iPhone’s Siri. So lets hope that it develops well in the future, for now if you are searching for an android assistant you can try out Vlingo. Vlingo offers great voice-powered features that don’t have lot of bugs and works smoothly.

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