Check Wireless Link Quality and Signal level on Ubuntu

RutilT is a Gtk+2 utility for Linux that helps you configure your Linux wireless devices.

Ubuntu‘s default network manager doesn’t seem to provide you with best of the details when dealing with wireless networks. This is a problem when you are trying to figure out the best possible position to place your wireless devices. But there is a utility available that helps you analyze the signal quality and signal level from your wireless device.

RutilT WLAN Manager

The utility is called RutilT WLAN Manager, it was especially built for rt2x00 project, it supports any Linux wireless extensions compliant kernel module. It has special support for rt2x00 devices though. You can grab this utility from Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager. You can alternately download the package from Terminal with this command.

sudo apt-get insall rutilt

As you can see in the above image it has more features then just showing you with the Link quality and Signal level. It can scan Wireless Networks for you with their signal level and quality, so you can choose the best network available. I prefer this rather than wicd because of its ability to check signal quality.

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