Block the XP SP3 Upgrade Automatically

Block your Windows XP from upgrading to Service Pack 3 with this tool and registry tweak.


Alot of people complaining that the Windows XP SP3 is’nt going well with their PC. I too encountered a problem with it and had to reformat the drive to get back to the SP2 version which seems to go smoothly for me. Well if you are like me or are having second thoughts not to install SP3 version then here is a simple program and a trick that won’t let the Automatic Update install XP SP3 version to your PC.

There is a free GUI software called ServicePackBlocker from that will automatically disable service pack updates for your Windows.


The Second One is a registry Fix.This is what the software does but you will have to confirm the key is set to what you want.

Go to Start > Run > Type regedit and hit enter.

Then guide yourself to or search for “DoNotAllowSP” with the search function. Search will take a little longer though.


After you’re there just find “DoNotAllowSP” key and modify the value to “1”. If its already set to 1 then don’t edit it. “1” means your windows will not install the new Service Packs, “0” means it will upgrade to new Service Packs.

And you are done. You don’t have to worry that your Windows will upgrade to newer Service Packs.

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