Block and bypass cpalead surveys easily with firefox

if you don't want to complete those CPAlead surveys to get to use the sites using it. the trick will block and bypass all those cpalead surveys and get you what you want and the owner's won't even know it.

block cpalead

This trick is going to get you bypass any cpalead surveys on any site and get the downloads, ebooks and or anything the site is blocking through Cpalead. Sorry for the CPALead guys.

You are going to need Mozilla Firefox browser for that. You can get it from Here.

Then get this plugin. This is a ExException plugin. We are going to learn how to use it to block the CPAlead surveys that we are bugged with every now and then.

This plugin adds exceptions in your firefox so that only what you like appears on your browser and nothing more. If you block a site, it won’t be executed anymore. So we are going to use this feature to block the CPALead site.

Install the Plugin and restart Firefox when prompted. Then go to its option and add as the “Address of Website”. Then click on “More” on the bottom left with close.

Just set all the options you see like to “deny” cuz we don’t want anything from the site, right.

Then close the addons window and then go to sites using cpalead to block content. You’ll be directly take to the previously blocked content.

Just check it on some site and report back. i’ll update this post with pictures soon.


  1. Just FYI folks. This DOES work. However, I needed to go into the source and find a second gateway to block:

    …Is the culprit.

    Go to TOOLS->Addons->ExExceptions->Options

    Type in the name, set all of the pulldowns to DENY. Add the domain (It will appear with all ‘X’ for each category) And enjoy.

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