WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security plugins help you maximize the security for your WordPress installations from exploits and vulnerabilities.

WordPress has become one of the most used CMS for web development for its simplicity and flexibility. And hackers with some exploit can destroy or mess up your site with simple exploits found on web. So it’s your responsibility to secure your WordPress sites for securing your sites files and database. Lets see how you can enhance your WordPress Security with these plugins.

The first thing to secure your WordPress is to always update to the latest version of the CMS. You might not want to do it because some plugins might not be compatible with them but if you can you always have to be one the latest version of WordPress. Also there are WordPress security plugins that help you check for vulnerabilities and help you fix them easily.

Here are some of the list of best WordPress Security Plugins:-

Ultimate Security Plugin :-

WordPress Ulitmate Security Checker

Ultimate Security Plugin helps you scan for about 104 WordPress vulnerabilities and ranks your WordPress installation based on your settings. And when some of the vulnerabilities are found then it has a tab on “How to Fix” them. And you will learn quite a bit about how your WordPress has been vulnerable to. This plugin is great to determine the level of WordPress security on your site.

WordPress Firewall :-

WordPress Firewall Plugin

WordPress Firewall Plugin allows you to prevent attacks from SQL queries,  directory traversals, field truncation attacks. These settings are configurable from your WordPress Admin Panel. The Plugin also sends an email to a email address if a attack is detected.

Secure WordPress :-

Secure WordPress plugin sets some configurations to your WordPress making it less vulnerable to attacks by removing WordPress version retrieval, adding a blank index.php file to your plugins and themes which prevents directory listing on those folders and also hides the update notifications to your users.

WebsiteDefender, the creator of this plugin also allow free scan for vulnerabilities from their dashboard and alerts you in case of any problems or vulnerabilities found.

Login LockDown :-

WordPress Login Lockdown

WordPress by default doesn’t implement a login lockdown on certain number of failed retries enabling hackers brute force your logins. This plugins creates a lockdown after certain numbers of  wrong login attempts and sets retry time period restriction and also logout length from your WordPress dashboard. This plugin also enables you to lockout invalid username logins and also mask login error to prevent hackers getting access to your account.

Antivirus / Theme Authenticity Checker


WordPress Antivirus

These plugin allow you to check your themes source code to check for malicious codes that could lead to intrusion or a vulnerability.  These plugins scan your themes and alert you on any unusual codes in your themes. Then you can check to see if they are really malicious or not. This helps you prevents WordPress backdoors.

Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner

Timthumb is a file in wordpress that allows wordpress to create thumbnails for your images. This plugin checks that files feature to check for vulnerabilities and alerts you.


These are some important WordPress security plugins that you need to implement on your WordPress installation for better security of your sites, files and database. And also keep and eye out for latest WordPress Vulnerabilities and Exploits.

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