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namestation domain suggestion tool

You trying to get yourself a domain for your personal site or your company. You’re trying to brainstorm to find good domain name. There are many domain suggestion tools and online sites that provide these service. But they don’t seem to give a very good suggestions at all. Here’s a site that will make brain storming a lot easier. is a great online domain suggestion tool to start looking for domains that you will love and you don’t have to do much brain storming at all.

The site features many different options that you can try to get a good domain name suggestion for you. You can choose your keyword, your language, domain name extensions, letter limits and make it show only the available domains. You can tie your keyword with big list of popular keywords, alphabets, suffixes and prefixes,  combining words and all.

namestation domain suggestion

And you get the domains available for you to register.


This will get you great resource to search for the domains you’ll like. If you want a random domain name that sounds nice you can try out

It’ll generate some good and great domain names, check for the availability and register them.

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