Anti Keylogger for Firefox, IE and Flock

A safe way to browse web without the need to worry about keyloggers stealing your private information and data. Keysrambler anti keylogger provides this feature for Firefox, IE and Flock.

Keyloggers are applications that run on your background and record all your keystroke and behavior on your PC and sends a report to a hacker that planted it there. Some keyloggers are made FUD(Fully UnDetectable) so that the  anti virus and anti malware  softwares are not able to detect them. And although your PC seem secure, it can be sending critical information to people you don’t want.

Thats were anti keyloggers comes in. Anti Keyloggers encrypt the keystrokes you press and the application you are using.  The key loggers then will only get random characters encrypted by the anti keylogger that cannot be made to mean anything. Keeping your confidential data like passwords, credit card info and other info safe from being stolen.

QFXSoftware have a free application KeyScrambler Personal for major browsers like Firefox, IE and Flock. KeyScrambler is one of the best anti keylogger providing protection for users. KeyScrambler Personal encrypts keystrokes you make in the browsers like nav bars, forms, flash forms and searches. So the keylogger is getting all the wrong keys making the keylogger useless.

Firefox KeyScrambler Anti KeyloggerFor other browsers and applications like Chrome, Safari, Skype you have to buy a professional or a Premium version for security. You can find the comparison for the software here.

But if you are using browsers to browse, chat, buy and socialize on the internet then you must have this tool to ensure that nothing gets to the keyloggers.


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