Android Market now turns Google Play Store

Google updates Android Market to a new name as "Google Play" Store with a new icon but with much of the same interface. Latest version 3.4.7

The Android Market on the recent update changed itself to Google Play Store but much of the appearance and process remains the same after the update. With the new update you have to just accept the new terms and use the Google Play Store as usual. All the market settings remain the same as well and all the application links are reorganized with Google Play Store. Now all the request to the Android Market are redirected to the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store doesn’t add much functionality from the previous Android Market accept from may be the new icon and some bug fixes. But we can hope Google will be adding new features and functions in upcoming versions. There has been two updates.

Google Play Version 3.4.7

Google Play Store should already have updated on your Android if you use Android Market regularly. But if you don’t use internet much on your Android, you can download the latest version of Google Play Store 3.4.7 from XDA-Developers Forum.

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