AdFree : Ad Block for Android (Root Required)

AdFree is a app for rooted Android phones that block adverts from your browser, games and apps all together by editing the Android hosts file.

Android platform has many free applications and games for the users. But mostly those applications come with a block of ads somewhere. Its great to have apps and games with a few ads here and there but sometimes its gets really annoying. We already have ad block add-ons for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, i wished there were a ad blocker for Android as well. And to our surprise there was a app that could block ads on Android.

AdFree Ad block for Android

Its called AdFree and it helps block ads by editing the hosts file of the Android to block those Ads from appearing. So this application requires root access on your Android. Then you will have to regularly update the host files with new ad sites to the hosts so that it can block new ad networks from your Android.

AdFree really works well and you get much better experience from your Android Phone. The ads are blocked on browsers, applications and games whole together. Now you can enjoy your games, apps and browsers without any ads on them. This will save you from buying a ad-free version of those apps.

AdFree Host Updates

On desktop browsers, plugins and add-ons create rules to block the ad blocks from appearing on to the pages loaded, but by editing the hosts file you can completely block anything from the ad network appearing anywhere on the system. AdFree App allows you to redirect those requests to your localhost ip (, or a web server of your choice. Once you’ve updated the hosts file from the application, you’ll have to restart your Android phone for the blocking to take effect.

AdFree is one of the best app to have if you have an rooted Android phone, you can download a ad supported version of a app from the Android Market (now Google Play). And you’ll be enjoying the game, app or browser without any advertising included.

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