Access Google Inbox in Mozilla Firefox

We found a way to make Google Inbox work in Firefox to use Inbox features without Google Chrome. Some features may be still missing, but it works fairly well and it beats downloading a new browser.

Google Inbox is currently exclusive to Google Chrome browser. It’s an awesome application to organize your emails and I’ve always been using Mozilla Firefox as my main browser so I don’t want to switch to Google Chrome to access Inbox. So i found a way that works on Firefox to use Google Inbox directly without the need to download a new browser. Some features may be still missing, but I’ve found it works fairly well.

Google Inbox Ubuntu Firefox

It’s requires installing an User Agent Switcher add-on for Firefox which disguises Firefox as Google Chrome and allow anyone with Mozilla Firefox to use most of the Inbox features with ease. This doesn’t affect browsing experience in any way or form but if you want to switch back, its just a few clicks away. You’ll just have to select the “Default User Agent” on the user agent switcher drop down.

Download User Agent Switcher for Firefox, then you’ll have to restart your Firefox to complete the installation. After this add the user agent switcher icon to your Firefox navigation bar. By default you’ll have a very few user-agents. So you’ll have to import other user-agents to get the one to run Google Chrome.


Right click the link below and use “Save link as” to save the file to your cpu.

After this, you can import the file inside the “Edit User agents” settings window. Use “Overwrite existing user agents while importing” check box to avoid duplicate entries. After that you’re set to change your browsers user-agent to Google Chrome.

Google Inbox In Firefox

From the dropdown of the “User Agent Switcher” icon, choose a Operating system and choose a latest Google Chrome version available. After that, you can access the Google Inbox site to access the Inbox web app.

Google Inbox In Firefox

That’s it, Google Inbox will work like a charm in Mozilla Firefox and you won’t have to deal with downloading a new browser just to access the service. We just hope Google comes up with Firefox support soon though. if you have any comments, please let us know in the comments.

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