64 bit version for Google Chrome for Windows, Linux and Mac

Google Chrome browser with 64 bit compatibility for Linux, Windows and Mac can be downloaded as canary or development builds from Google.

If you have bought PC, laptop or a Mac in recent years, there is a high possibility that you’re using a 64 bit system. Previously there were x86 or 32 bits processor used in most PC and laptops. The new 64 bits PCs are much faster and allows software’s to take full advantage of its speed if they are 64 bit compatible. Many don’t notice if they are using a 64 bit or a 32 bit PC because they aren’t exactly noticeable unless you look at the fine print of know how to look for it. That’s should be a tutorial on its own, so we can skip that.

google chrome 64 bit

If you have been using Google Chrome as your preferred browser on your latest machine, its most probably a 32 bit browser software. Google hasn’t released a 64 bit browser and neither has Mozilla Firefox. There are compatibility issues and problems that don’t let this transition be easy so they stick with 32 bit browsers. But if you want to use Google Chrome browser with 64 bit compatibility, then Google has recently released them to public.

You can choose to download Google Chrome for 64 bit Mac or PC in two different version. One is a canary version and the other one is a developer version. They might not be as stable as the official release that everyone gets, but if you want to try out the latest in feature, and speed browsing, this is where you can get them.

Google Chrome Canary Builds

Download Google Chrome 64 bit Canary build for Windows

Download Google Chrome 64 bit Canary build for Mac


Google Chrome 64 bit Dev Builds

Google Chrome 64 bit Dev Build for Windows

Google Chrome 64 bit Dev Build for Mac

Google Chrome 64 bit Dev Build for Linux


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