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Lastfm amarok

Last.fm scrobbling on Ubuntu with Amarok

Want to use Last.fm scrobbling and love song from a music player in Ubuntu. Amarok works perfectly with Last.fm so you can track your music.

ubuntu software updates manager

Delete repositories in Ubuntu when software and sources isn’t working

This is a quick little trick to get repositories off of Ubuntu when the software and updates application isn’t working to remove them.

Hands on video of First Ever Ubuntu Linux Phone

Canonical just released a Ubuntu phone on Feb 6th in an Ubuntu event in London which completely runs on Linux. And here are the specs and the hands on video.


Best browser to use for iMacros

Using a forked browser that reduces usage of system resource, you get more out of the browser and automate things better. Here’s a browser you can use for resource friendly usage of iMacros.

Skype Offline Installer

Latest Skype Offline Installer|ver

Download the latest Skype standalone offline installer for easy installation and backup. you can use the downloaded installer on multiple PC and save you the time using an online installer

net framework offline installers

Net Framework offline installers – ver 3 and above

.Net framework is an application framework that is moving towards opensource and cross platform compatibility. Download Net framework offline installers in a single place.


free tor browser iOS screen

Onion Browser, Tor Browser for iOS goes free

Recently a Tor browser app on iTunes store also went free making it easier to browse through the Tor network in your iOS device.

Teamviewer breach

Prevent teamviewer running in background

These methods will help make it harder to access your system to prevent access your system with Teamviewer.

Startpage private search

Starpage: Search Google without being tracked

Startpage is just an easy way to get what you are looking for without the prying eyes of the Google with the same search results.

How To's

AutoHotKey Jump Remote Desktop

Solution to Autohotkey automation failing to work with disconnected Remote Desktop

These are some of the solutions that will allow you to run automation tests with application tools like AutoHotkey and AutoIt on a disconnected remote desktop connection.

vlc screen recording options

Free screen capture with VLC media player

VLC media player can be used as a free screen capture software for recording the desktop for quick tutorial videos or presentation.


Reset VLC settings after you’ve messed it up

Reset VLC settings after you’ve messed it up with a simple run command. Every option is reset to default settings after this.


iMacros pale moon

Lightest browser to run iMacros automated testing

iMacros does offer it’s own browser which is light on resource, but it is not optimal if you are new and want to run JavaScript code with it. Here’s a free alternative

Startpage private search

Starpage: Search Google without being tracked

Startpage is just an easy way to get what you are looking for without the prying eyes of the Google with the same search results.

Degoo Cloud Backup

What is Degoo Cloud Backup?

A service that offers a whopping 100 GB of backup space whose limit can be increased to 600 GB by inviting friends. Claims military grade encryption and complete privacy.

Cool Hacks

colored javascript console log

Styling the JavaScript console log text

You can style JavaScript console.log text with the console api to make interesting text styles to highlight or warn tinkerers and hackes who run console debugger on their browser.

Always on top AutoHotKey script

Always on Top Windows AutoHotKey script

Many of the software that allow you to keep windows always on top are filled with additional. And most are made with a single line of code in AutoHotkey compiled into an executable. Here’s you can make your own.

pandora download album art

Pandora music download with Album art in Firefox

Download music from Pandora using free Firefox plug-ins with Album art and audio. Listen to your favourite tunes without limitation after you’ve saved them.

Other Recent Posts

Pinterest before pin removal

Remove random number of pins in Pinterest boards (JS Code)

By | 18th March, 2017 | 0 Comments

This basically removes a random number of pins from a board. This is just a play on the javascript code and should work on other user boards checked Firefox and Chrome browser.

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Opera VPN for Android released with Adblock and Tracking protection

By | 24th August, 2016 | 0 Comments

The latest product from Opera is a completely free VPN app with adblock and tracking protection for Android which currently has locations in five countries.

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